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To meet our commitment to being your number one supplier we are unsurpassed in the selection, quality and care that goes into every component that we stock in our 42,000 square foot facility.

Before a part is approved for resale, it is fully refurbished by our own subsidiary or a select FAA Certified Repair Station. Before it finds its way onto our shelves, it is updated to the standards set by the latest CMM to comply with OEM bulletins and revisions. Each part is carefully bar-coded, packaged and tagged to insure the integrity of every unit. From the time it enters our doors, through delivery to our customers, every part we sell is fully traceable and is tracked by our sophisticated computer system.

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We offer you more than just parts, we offer you solutions


CRS supports Learjets, Hawkers, Gulfstreams, Challengers, Falcons and Beechjets through a comprehensive inventory


CRS Jet Spares is the premier aftermarket support facility in the business jet community.  Supplying total solutions to operators around the world through exchanges, sales, provisioning packages, repair and rental options, CRS has a program to meet all requirements. 





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